is it a 74 or 80 inch shovelhead cylinder?

One of the most common questions is “Do I have a 74 or 80 inch shovelhead cylinder?” Shovelhead cylinders are basically the same on the outside dimensions. The bore of the cylinders is however different. Standard size 74″ cylinders are 3 7/16″ or, 3.4380″ and 80″ cylinders are 3 1/2″ or, 3.498″ . Visually it … Read more

FXR Oil Tank Connections

FXR oil tanks can be confusing as to hooking the oil lines up correctly. I don’t ever remember seeing the hose bungs marked, and if they are marked they are impossible to see. The vent and return lines can be switched around without concern, as far as I know, because they are both connected to … Read more

S&S Piston Clearance

I had a set of S&S 92-2500F cast pistons to fit to cylinders and could not find any instructions on S&S’s website, so I looked in my papers and found a instruction sheet. Figured I’d post it up here because getting answers from them isn’t reliable. As long as I’ve been dealing with S&S I … Read more