Freelance Service Work

What is freelance service work?

Definition : A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.

Here at Custom Vintage Cycle I have coined the term "freelance service work" because unlike many shops these days I'm not interested in doing routine service work day in and day out. My thinking here is that I am most interested in customers who know their way around their motorcycle and can work on their bike themselves on many things, because they are truly into motorcycles and it's not a passing fad. "An educated consumer is our best customer." as was once said.

I don't mind servicing someone's bike to get things right from time to time, but there seems to be a new trend towards the helpless motorcycle owner that needs a shop to do simple things like put air in their tires, change out a spark plug and so on. All this new breed of riders knows is how to put gas in the thing, hit the starter button and call the shop when something goes wrong.  If you are one of those people, this isn't your kind of shop. We're not going to get along........

So what kind of shop is this?
I build engines and transmissions, I weld, I machine things, I can build custom wiring harnesses  from scratch, I build complete bikes, lace and true wheels, etc.. I do all kinds of things real motorcycle shops do. Most all work is done in house.  I will also sometimes take on small special projects when a customer needs some assistance with machine shop type services.

Do you do any kind of regular work?
YES. I do service work where I go over the whole bike, change oil, check brakes, change tires and so on. I change tires... however if possible I want just the wheel, not the whole bike and unless you have made an appointment you will have to drop off the wheel and pick it up the following day.

I work on stripped down basic bikes only.
This would include almost anything 1940 to 1984 and later stuff like Super Glides, Dynas, FXRs, Softails, RoadKings and Sportsters.
NO dressers, baggers or whatever you want to call them things. If it has a fairing, radio and all that kinda stuff,  I don't work on it. I don't work on newer trikes or VRods either.
Harley-Davidson's and Harley like bikes only, when it comes to motorcycles.
I do also work on chinese scooters. That's basically it.

the evil well-index milling machine originally from Haledon Cycle SaddleBrook, NJ

bench full of flywheels finished

sportster valve jobs